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6 Tips To Maintain Carpet Between Cleanings – Professional Carpet Cleaner in Birmingham, Alabama


1.       Mats – There are two types of mats that you need at each entrance. One type scrubs dry soil off of your feet and the other absorbs moisture from your feet.  You will want a 3M Nomad mat sitting outside your entrances and an absorbent mat on the inside for rainy days.  Keep in mind that Nylon and Polypropylene mats do not absorb moisture, use a cotton based mat for that.

2.       Vacuum – Dry particulate soil does more damage to your carpet than anything else.  If you look at a piece of dirt under a microscope it will have sharp edges like a grain of sand.  When you walk on that dirt it scratches the carpet fibers.  So the less of that gritty soil you have in your carpet the less potential damage is in your carpet.  Look at this previous post for information about how to vacuum properly. Yes, you do need to be taught how to vacuum even though you have been doing it for years.

3.       Spot Cleaning – The rule is that the quicker you remove potentially damaging material the less likely you will get a stain from that material.  Kind of obvious isn’t it?  Well, yes but there are warning labels on all kinds of products that shouldn’t need a warning label.  So I put it out there any way. We have spotting tips on our web site so click this link to go there.

4.       Use Less Detergent - We give our clients in Birmingham, Alabama FREE spotting detergent for life but that doesn’t mean to pour an entire bottle on one small spot.  Use your products sparingly and with patience to get that spot out.

5.       Professional Cleaning – Have Brilliant Services clean your carpet every 6-12 months.  Carpet manufacturers actually require it to maintain your warranty.  So if the manufacturer requires it every 12-18 months to prevent damage you should clean the dirt out of it to be healthy at least that often.

6.       Apply Scotch Guard – Traffic and cleaning wear off the fluorochemical treatment that the factory applied to your carpet.  It needs to be re-applied after each cleaning.  This treatment, for lack of a better analogy, is like the non-stick coating on a fry pan.  The dirt can’t stick to the carpet fiber coated with a fluorochemical treatment so when you vacuum the soil just slides right off and into the air flow of the vacuum.

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