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Advice on hiring a professional carpet cleaner in Birmingham, AL

Before you call in the professional carpet cleaner (that’s Brilliant Services by the way) you need to know some things:

1.       Always have an in-home inspection performed.  Brilliant Services gives you a  FREE 15 Minute in-home CARPET INSPECTION where we ask for details about all the problems your carpet has, we will calculate the wear age of your carpet, determine if your carpet is in good health, test the traffic areas, and give you’re a written report covering the condition of your carpet and a prescription on what needs to be done to achieve the desired results of the cleaning.

2.       Point out spots.  Brilliant Services always ask you to walk us through the areas that we will be cleaning and point out areas of concern as well as any information that you know about the areas.

3.       Select a service that offers the deep extraction method. Vacuum, pre-spray, agitate, spot clean, rinse extract, and groom.

4.       Stay off of the carpet if you can make those arrangements.

5.       Don’t put your furniture back until the carpet is completely dry.  If your carpet is even slightly damp it can permanently ruin your carpet.

Additional advice can be gotten by visiting Birmingham Alabama’s best carpet cleaning company Brilliant Services at 205-617-6330 or info@