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Allergies, Indoor Air Quality, And Carpet Cleaning in Birmingham, AL

We discussed in a previous article that the biggest air filter in your house is your carpet.  We told you to look at the air filtration lines under your doors and a lot of other signs to look for.  Now let’s take a look at the air filter in your Air Conditioning system.  Yeah, I know that the A/C guy harps on you to replace your air filter regularly because it will cause problems with the system mechanicals. 

I want to harp on you replacing the air filter for an IAQ reason. 

Remember those dark lines under your closet door?  That is an indication of the level of dirt in the air in your house.  You are going to have to change the air filter more often and use a higher quality air filter too.  Look into getting an electrostatic air filter if you can.

Having our carpets and upholstery cleaned and sanitized by Brilliant Services in Birmingham, Al will greatly reduce indoor allergens.

If you live near Birmingham or one of the outlying cities we will be glad to help you.

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I can't breath because of all the allergens in my house, Help!