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Allergies, Indoor Air Quality, And Upholstery Cleaning in Birmingham, AL


We have talked about the largest air filter in your home, the carpet, and about changing your air filter more frequently and even upgrading to a better air filter.  Now let’s talk about your sofa, love seat and all the rest of your upholstered furniture.

Have you ever seen the old films of a lady taking a rug out on the laundry line and beating it with a stick?  What you saw was a cloud of dust, allergens that is, being thrown into the air with each stroke.  You can do the exact same thing with your sofa, when I say ‘sofa’ understand that includes all your other upholstery too, cushions too.  Just put a cushion in a sun beam…whenever that happens in Birmingham… and whack it.  You will see a bunch of ‘allergens’ pop out in that sun beam. 

As professional upholstery cleaners we do a slightly different version of that to show the amount of soil hiding in your sofa.  We will take a clean, white cotton towel and cover the opening of our upholstery cleaning tool, this acts as a pre-filter for large particles of allergens, and dry vacuum your sofa.  When we take the towel off of the upholstery cleaning tool we always have a black, fuzzy line of debris. 

Let me let you in on a secret, no matter how often and how much time you spend vacuuming your upholstery with your household vacuum you will never match the power and dirt removing capabilities our equipment has.  That is why when a lady assures me that her upholstery is perfectly clean because she just vacuumed it before we came we still remove a shocking amount of soil.  I say shocking because people think dust just sits on top of upholstery and is easily vacuumed off.  Let me assure you that it gets way down in there.

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