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Brilliant Services Marble Restoration in Birmingham, Alabama

     This foyer is a 90 year old black and white checker board marble floor in Birmingham, Alabama. A heavy coat of shellac had built up over the years and had turned brown. The... Read More »

Smoothing out and polishing a marble floor on Birmingham Alabama

We were asked to polish an Alabama White Marble floor in Birmingham Alabama. We just started to smooth out the uneven tiles by grinding them to be level to each other. We'll post more updates as we... Read More »

Clean Grout In Birmingham, AL

Brilliant Services in Birmingham, AL offers a solution to your dark and sometimes black grout lines.  One of two things happen to your grout as it ages.  It will lose color or darken up... Read More »

Professional Marble Polishing In Birmingham, AL

Brilliant Services was asked by Crossville Tile and Stone to take care of one of their clients Birmingham, AL.  This is a Portuguese Breccia Pernice marble that had been neglected for... Read More »

Granite Floor Polishing In Birmingham, AL

This was another aspect of the granite floor restoration project in Birmingham, Alabama.  There were some spalling issues that they did not want repaired but you can't really see those... Read More »

Granite Polishing Experts In Birmingham, AL

It's one thing to clean and seal granite.  It is a whole other thing to repair damage done to granite.  Brilliant Services was asked by Brassfield & Gorrie to restore a red granite... Read More »

Limestone Countertop Polishing in Birmingham, AL

Limestone countertops are becoming more and more popular in the Birmingham, Alabama area.  While limestone can hold a very high polish and people enjoy the crisp, clear reflection some people... Read More »

Travertine polishing

We are in the first phase of a travertine restoration for some people that just moved to Birmingham from Clearwater Florida.  Now let me tell you that you would be hard pressed to find a house in... Read More »

If We Can Please Him, We Can Please Anybody!

There was a lot of scratches left in his travertine floor from the movers.  We not only were able to remove the damage but gave him a much clearer reflection as you can see in the pictures.  I... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning Birmingham Alabama

This is a stark example of Brilliant Services' work.  We can take the worst situations and bring them back to life.  Call 205-617-6330 to schedule an appointment Read More »

Stone Care 101: 5 Stone Care Tips in Birmingham, Alabama

FIVE TIPS FOR PREVENTING OR MINIMIZING DAMAGE TO YOUR NATURAL STONE If you enjoy the elegance that natural stone provides, it follows that you would like to prevent or minimize damage to your floors... Read More »

Stone Repair, Polishing, And Sealing - Birmingham, AL

This is one of many after photos on our latest stone polishing job.  Call Birmingham's best natural stone repair and polishing experts, Brilliant Services at 205-617-6330. Check out our web page at... Read More »

15,000 people per week - Carpet Cleaning Birmingham, AL

We just made an amazing difference cleaning the carpet at an incredibly busy movie theater here in Birmingham, AL. If your carpet is like this then don’t lose heart Brilliant Services can help. If... Read More »

6 Tips To Maintain Carpet Between Cleanings – Professional Carpet Cleaner in Birmingham, Alabama

1.       Mats – There are two types of mats that you need at each entrance. One type scrubs dry soil off of your feet and the other absorbs moisture from your feet.  You will want a 3M... Read More »

Indoor Air Quality - Professional Carpet Cleaner In Birmingham, Alabama

The reason our indoor air is such a problem today is we have become so energy efficient.  Our homes are sealed up tight – saving us on energy, but creating an environment of indoor pollution. ... Read More »

Indoor Air Quality and Carpet Cleaning – Professional Carpet Cleaner Birmingham, AL

When you think of cleaning, air quality is probably not the first thing that crosses your mind, but the truth is that indoor air quality (IAQ) is affected by a surprising cleaning source: carpet... Read More »

Why Does White Marble Turn Yellow? Part 4 Birmingham, AL

Iron Staining Many white marble tiles contain naturally occurring deposits of iron. Iron is a mineral found in stone and can occur randomly throughout the stone. If iron is present in the marble... Read More »

Why Does White Marble Turn Yellow? Part 3

Wax Build-up or Coating Many marble floors are coated with waxes, acrylics, urethane and other coatings. Most of these coatings are not specifically designed for use on marble floors. Some of these... Read More »

Why Does White Marble Turn Yellow? Part 2

Improper Maintenance As marble wears, the highly polished surface begins to become scratched and worn. The wearing of this polish causes the surface to become rough and become a magnet for dirt. If... Read More »

Why Does White Marble Turn Yellow? Part 1

Once upon a time there was a very upset homebuilder. He was building a two million-dollar home and had installed nearly 3500 square feet of a white statuary marble tile. Over the weekend one of the... Read More »

Getting tea stain out of carpet in Birmingham, AL

Try blotting the tea stain with a white cloth or paper towel. Continue blotting with clean towels until you get most of the tea stain up. Blotting is repeatedly pressing directly down onto the... Read More »

Granite Polishing in Birmingham, AL

We are in the middle of a travertine polishing job that has uba tuba black granite inserts.  The fireplace hearth and face are also uba tuba granite.  It was pretty rough when we started. I will... Read More »

Asthma and Allergy and Carpet Cleaning in Birmingham, AL

DALTON, GA — A series of studies funded by Shaw Industries indicates that effectively cleaned carpets can trap allergens and other particles, resulting in fewer particles escaping into the air... Read More »

Dog Urine and Carpet Cleaning in Birmingham, AL

Whether it is dog or cat urine the same principles apply.  Urine comes out acidic and as it dries it crystalizes and becomes alkaline in nature. Those crystals are why you smell the urine on... Read More »

Allergies, Indoor Air Quality, And Upholstery Cleaning in Birmingham, AL

We have talked about the largest air filter in your home, the carpet, and about changing your air filter more frequently and even upgrading to a better air filter.  Now let’s talk about your... Read More »

Allergies, Indoor Air Quality, And Carpet Cleaning in Birmingham, AL

We discussed in a previous article that the biggest air filter in your house is your carpet.  We told you to look at the air filtration lines under your doors and a lot of other signs to look... Read More »

The largest air filter in your home – Brilliant Carpet Cleaning in Birmingham, AL

We all have seen those dark lines under a closet door or around the edges by the walls.  Those are called air filtration lines.  Let’s take the line at the closet door as an example. When your... Read More »

Dribble spots carpet cleaning in Birmingham, AL

Where are these spots coming from?  If you have small kids then you know already.  If your kids are older or have left for college then maybe you don’t.  I have run into this problem over the... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning Vomit From Your Carpet In Birmingham, AL

EEWWW! Someone is really sick and lets it fly on your carpet.  How can you clean it up and be sure that it is really sanitary?  First, get a spoon and scrape up as much of the vomit as you can... Read More »

Fishy water carpet cleaning in Birmingham, AL

I just had a commercial client of mine call me and ask me to go by his house because his 250 gallon fish tank leaked.  He was lucky because he was able to catch it by the time only 50 gallons... Read More »

Spring Carpet Cleaning in Birmingham, AL

It is getting to be that time of year when we open the windows and doors to let in the fresh air and get rid of that old trapped air.  We start to do a deep cleaning on every room in the house... Read More »

Getting Spilled Paint Out Of Carpet In Birmingham, AL

You spilled or dripped paint on your carpet and need to get it out. Here goes: First: You need to surround the spill with paper towels to keep it from spreading. Blott the spilled paint with a paper... Read More »

Advice on hiring a professional carpet cleaner in Birmingham, AL

Before you call in the professional carpet cleaner (that’s Brilliant Services by the way) you need to know some things: 1.       Always have an in-home inspection performed.  Brilliant... Read More »

15,000 People per month stomp food into their carpet in Hoover , AL

Brilliant Services of Birmingham, AL cleans carpet that sees 15,000 people per month walk on it while spilling drinks and food.  They track all of the outside contaminants in from outside while... Read More »

Do I really need to be taught how to vacuum, Hoover, AL Carpet Cleaning

Yeah, I know, you have been vacuuming your whole life. What could there possibly be to it that you don’t know? When I was in my first IICRC course learning about carpet cleaning they actually... Read More »

Do I Really Need Someone To Teach Me To Vacuum? Really?

I know, you have been vacuuming all your life and you know how to vacuum.  Well, maybe. Let's see. When I was in my frst IICC class  I actually learned something myself so here goes. FIRST: Vacuum... Read More »

Stone Care 101: Diamonds Are A Stone's Best Friend

     We will stabilize the holes and crack runs. Removing the weak edges in cracks and holes and then filling them with a travertine-toned adhesive epoxy will create long lasting repairs that... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning Birimingham, AL Your Carpet Warranty

This is an except from Shaw Floors', the worlds largest carpet manufacturer, warranty normatin sheet.  Iyour carpet is less than 18 months old and you have not had it cleaned yet call Brilliant... Read More »

Stone Care 101 What makes your stone shine in Hoover Al Stone Polisher Hoover AL

Birmingham Stone Polishing : Stone Education 101: What makes your stone shine? Gloss and clarity are two different things that combine to create the shine you have pictured in your mind. Think... Read More »

Kool-Aid Stain Removal Guarantee

“I tried tons of chemicals to get it out. I had a carpet cleaner come in twice but even that would only lighten the stain a little bit.” I have heard a version of this from every conceivable... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning Alabaster AL | Upholstery Cleaner Alabaster AL

Advantages of Regular Carpet Cleaning     The carpet in your house can be one of the most visible items in your home. And, it will see more traffic than nearly any other area of the home. It is... Read More »