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Carpet Cleaning Vomit From Your Carpet In Birmingham, AL

EEWWW! Someone is really sick and lets it fly on your carpet.  How can you clean it up and be sure that it is really sanitary? 

First, get a spoon and scrape up as much of the vomit as you can without pressing it down into the fibers… even more than it already is.

Second, using a damp cotton absorbent towel blot up the spot.  BLOT…DO NOT SCRUB!

I REPEAT BLOT, DO NOT SCRUB! If you scrub it will work the throw up into the twists of the fibers… Not Good.

Third, use some of the FREE spotter from Brilliant Services that we give to all of our clients. If you don’t have our spotter then use an enzyme based spotter from Walmart.  You need to allow this time to dwell in the area. You can find those in the pet isle.  Apply enough of the spotter on the area to dampen the fibers without wetting the backing and pad.  Blot and blot and blot some more, stand on the towel to give it weight so it can absorb as much as it possibly can.  You will have to have patience on this step since you will repeat it multiple times.  Do not try to do this in one step, you can’t.  You will just wind up over-wetting the carpet.

Fourth, you need to sanitize the area.  Quite frankly I am not aware of a sanitizer available to the public that will not void your carpet’s warranty, but if you are certain that your carpet is out of warranty you can use something like Lysol diluted according to instructions and test in an inconspicuous area like a closet.  Now the problem you will have is the residue that the Lysol or whatever you use will leave behind but that is a lot better than what was there before.  Not to worry, the next time you have your carpet cleaned by Brilliant Services in Birmingham, AL just point out the area and explain what you used so we can thoroughly rinse it out.  We will go ahead and test to make sure you removed all of the vomit before we start and take the necessary steps to sanitize your carpet and thoroughly rinse away the residues.

Brilliant Services will come out to all points in Jefferson County and Shelby County for carpet cleaning jobs.

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VOMIT!! Come and clean this up!