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Do I really need to be taught how to vacuum, Hoover, AL Carpet Cleaning

Yeah, I know, you have been vacuuming your whole life. What could there possibly be to it that you don’t know? When I was in my first IICRC course learning about carpet cleaning they actually taught me some things about vacuuming.

The most important thing is the vacuum itself. Those $1,200 vacuums are really nice but if they are just sitting in the closet because “it’s too heavy” or “I have to clean out all that nasty water every time I use it” then it is doing no good for you at all. Get a cheapo vacuum that is light weight and is easy to empty so you will grab it and vacuum up the small messes. We have the Shark Navigator. My 8 year old vacuums the whole house all of the time with it. I make sure to clean the filters and empty it after every use and sometimes in the middle (Christmas and other Holidays are brutal on my carpet).

SECOND:    SLOW DOWN!   Give your vacuum time to work. Here is how the thing works. The beater bar smacks the carpet fiber and the soil gets knocked off of the fibers into the airflow of the suctioning vacuum. If you are moving too fast the vacuum doesn’t have time to capture the soil. Just count two-Mississippi when you push it forward and pull it back to you.

THIRD:  Make at least 7 passes in high traffic lanes. I came home from that first IICRC class and got out my newly purchased vacuum that had a dirt sensor on it. Sure enough, it takes seven passes. Make 3-4 passes in the lighter trafficked areas.

FOURTH Vacuum in a cross-hatch pattern about every fourth time. Ideally you do it every time but that is just not real life. Who’s going to make seven passes one way then seven passes another every time they vacuum? You can commit to every fourth time though.

FIFTH: Empty and clean it out regularly. My Shark says “Never loses vacuum” Well that is just great but if it has nowhere to put the dirt then where does it go? Empty the thing after each use if it is a bagless and when it reaches that “Full Line” on the bagged style. Clean and/or replace the filters as needed.

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