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Dog Urine and Carpet Cleaning in Birmingham, AL

Whether it is dog or cat urine the same principles apply.  Urine comes out acidic and as it dries it crystalizes and becomes alkaline in nature. Those crystals are why you smell the urine on particularly humid days.  They absorb the moisture out of the air and release that odor.

Most soils are acidic in nature so most of your cleaners are alkaline. 

There is the problem, an alkaline cleaner will have little to no effect on an alkaline soil.  What you need is an enzymatic urine treatment to clean the spot.  A good enzymatic cleaner will neutralize the alkaline salts and sanitize the area.

Be sure to treat all of the affected areas too, if your dog peed a cup of urine the take a cup and a half and saturate the area.  The cleaner will follow the same rout the urine did and go just beyond where the urine stopped.

Use clean, absorbent towels and blot the area after you have given the cleaner time to do its job.  Once you have gotten as much out as you can by standing on the towels then take another and weight it down on the area.  This step allows any as much remaining contaminants to wick up into the towel.

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