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Dribble spots carpet cleaning in Birmingham, AL

Where are these spots coming from?  If you have small kids then you know already.  If your kids are older or have left for college then maybe you don’t. 

I have run into this problem over the years and after a game of 20 questions with my customer we came to the conclusion that  the maids where dripping the mop water across the carpet because they did not carry the mop in a bucket from room to room. 

The butler did not do it.

So, I suggest it was the maid, in the Conservatory, with the mop. 

For those of you with the awesome board game “Clue” you will get that.  For the rest of you that didn’t get that, you really need to get that game.

Can anybody say A.D.D.

Squirrel !!

Back to the spots. For those Brilliant Services customers in Birmingham, AL just grab the FREE bottle of spotter that we gave you, and refill for FREE, and apply a small amount to the spot. 

If you are out of our service area use plain water only.  And call us so we can help you locate a reputable carpet cleaner in your area.  I do this all the time so don’t think it is an imposition.

Use only enough to dampen the fibers and not soak the carpet. There is no sense in wasting product and you don’t have the equipment to remove excessive amounts of fluid.

Next, blot with a clean white absorbent cotton towel.  Stand on it to really give it a chance to get as much out as possible.

Repeat as necessary.

Brilliant Services in Birmingham, AL offers several cleaning packages that come with FREE spot cleaning.  If you get a spot after we have cleaned your carpet, for up to 12 months, we will come out and remove it for you. 

Now there are some common sense restrictions. 

The first one is you need to attempt to remove the spot with the Free Spotter that we give you. If you can’t get it out using our Free Spotter and these steps then we will come out to remove the spot for you.

The second is that it is for a single spot not an area. You should never allow your carpet to get to the point where it can no longer hide the dirt like it is designed to do.  One square foot of carpet can hide one pound of dirt without looking soiled, by design.  So if you can see the dirt you should increase the frequency of your carpet cleaning.  That is why if we create a “clean spot” in the middle of your floorwhen we spot clean, you need to have your carpet cleaned more often.

There are a few more details on these restrictions but you can find those on our webpage

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