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Fishy water carpet cleaning in Birmingham, AL

I just had a commercial client of mine call me and ask me to go by his house because his 250 gallon fish tank leaked.  He was lucky because he was able to catch it by the time only 50 gallons escaped…yeah 50 gallons! Now I have seen water damages that have been thousands of gallons but 50 gallons from one ginormous fish tank and it was still 80% full…WOW.

So anyway, he had fish water in his carpet, and we all know what that contains, and a one year old baby girl that can get to wherever she wants.  He was concerned about her walking on, falling onto, or crawling on that fishy water.  Brilliant Services in Birmingham, Al provides flood restoration services as well as carpet cleaning services.  We extracted the water out of the carpet and cleaned it and applied an anti-microbial agent down to kill any living beasties that might be in that water or grow as a result of that water being there.

Please know that if you need us to dry out your house we will be there for you.  We will walk you through the entire process.  We have been through it so many times that it feels routine, but we also know that since it is your first time that it is anything but routine.  Just call us at 205-617-6330 and we will start getting you back tou your routine quickly.  If you have had a flood and still smell a strange smell call or email Brilliant Services at

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