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Getting Spilled Paint Out Of Carpet In Birmingham, AL

You spilled or dripped paint on your carpet and need to get it out. Here goes:

First: You need to surround the spill with paper towels to keep it from spreading. Blott the spilled paint with a paper towel working from the outside  to the inside.  Blot the paint do not rub or scrub the paint.

Second: Since you are reading this on the internet it’s safe to assume that you already worked through the first step and still have a paint in your carpet.  There are several household items that you can use to remove the residue. There is glycerin, acetone, WD-40, and I am sure there are others.  Apply which ever remover you want to a dry paper towel and blot the area.  Do not pour any of these onto the stain because they will delaminate the carpet.  That is they will separate the primary backing from the secondary backing and you will have these weird, loose ripples in your carpet.  Also, between blotting attempts, blot dry the area with a clean terry cloth towel to keep the cleaner from getting into the backing.  Patience is the word of the day here as this will take a lot of repeating steps. Just repeat this blotting until you have removed the spot. If you get to a point where you have run out of patience and want to call in a professional just call Brilliant Services in Birmingham, AL at 205-617-6330 and we will gladly take over.

Third: You need to rinse the residue from cleaning up the paint out of your carpet.  Mix a very mild solution of neutral dish detergent up and start the whole blotting process over again.   Using a sponge blot the area with the solution several times taking care to dry up the solution as much as possible with a clean terry cloth towel between steps to keep from over wetting the carpet.  In the Birmingham and surrounding areas you can call in Brilliant Services to rinse extract that residue.  Keep in mind that if you fail to remove the residue from the carpet it will trap dirt as you track across it causing spot to appear that is totally avoidable. So either have Brilliant Services come in and take care of it or be VERY patient.

Brilliant Services also offers cleaning and repair services on ceramic tile & grout, and repair and polishing services on natural stone. 

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