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 Limestone Floor Restoration

  • Repair
  • Restoration
  • Cleaning
  • Delipping
  • Honing
  • Polishing







Limestone Restoration, Cleaning, Sealing Maintenance


     Limestone is a sedimentary rock formed mainly from different forms of calcium carbonate. You will sometimes find plant and sea life fossils in limestone.  It is grainy without much crystallization if any at all. Limestones vary in hardness and the denser ones can be polished yet not to the degree of marble or granite.

     Limestone is very reactive to acid, making it a poor choice for countertops or exterior structures. Acid-based food, cleaning products, and toiletries will etch limestone, which should only be cleaned with a neutral or mild alkaline-based cleaner. Limestone is more porous, less dense, and sensitive to chemicals than marble and granite.  It will absorb water and oil more readily and therefore is more easily stained.  Watch out for sodas and even that hand soap in a pump because it contains citric-acid.  Those little bottles will leave perfectly formed rings on your beautiful countertop.

     Limestone has to be sealed with a penetrating sealer to prevent staining and should only be cleaned with neutral pH cleaners.

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