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Stone Countertop Repair

  • Repair
  • Restoration
  • Cleaning
  • Honing
  • Polishing
  • Sealing






If you want your countertop to look this good

call Brilliant Services NOW!

     If you have cracks, chips, or spalling Brilliant Services of Birmingham Alabama  has the expertise and experience to make those repairs. We first thoroughly clean the area and remove any weakened areas from the crack or chip.  We then apply a color-matching epoxy to the area and polish it to match the surrounding sheen. The epoxy, when hardened is actually harder than the stone it is applied to, even granite.

    You may have a 167 year old tabletop that is weak, cracking and in need of repair.  As you can see above Brilliant Services in Birmingham Al can handle it 

     Do you have dull areas in your marble countertop?  We hone and polish marble countertops to any sheen you desire.  Our favorite is the high gloss that makes the stone look like it is wet, but that is not for everybody. Some people enjoy the soft, warm look of a beautiful satin sheen.  Call Brilliant Services at 205-617-6330 for a FREE No Obligation.

     Do you need a permenant solution to your marble countertops etching?

We have the solution coming soon!  We are in the process of being certified applicators for a product that does just that.  It has been in Austrailia for 10 years and is now opening up in the U.S.