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Stone Care 101 What makes your stone shine in Hoover Al Stone Polisher Hoover AL


Birmingham Stone Polishing : Stone Education 101: What makes your stone shine?

Gloss and clarity are two different things that combine to create the shine you have pictured in your mind. Think about it like this; if I were to lay a piece of glass on top of tin foil it would be shiny and give you a reflection but not great clarity.

That is what happens when someone puts a top coat sealer on your stone. It provides an artificial gloss that dulls over time and has to be stripped and reapplied…BIG maintenance $$$ for small results.

Now spray paint the back of the piece of glass with a dark color or even chrome paint. You now have clarity and gloss to your reflection. The maintenance expenditure is much smaller with mechanically polished stone and the clarity of reflection is mirror like.

There are a lot of reasons not to apply a topical sealer to your stone and this, believe it or not, is the least of them. I will cover other reasons in other posts.

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