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Why Does White Marble Turn Yellow? Part 1


Once upon a time there was a very upset homebuilder. He was building a two million-dollar home and had installed nearly 3500 square feet of a white statuary marble tile. Over the weekend one of the water pipes broke in a bathroom and completely flooded the home.

They managed to vacuum all the water and started to assess the damages. The marble tile seemed fine except for some minor water spotting. After several weeks the replacement of warped wood and drywall was completed, but he noticed the white marble had turned yellow in many areas. At first he thought it might be some type of residue so they tried cleaning the marble with some bleach and water but the yellowing was still there.

Meanwhile, the homeowner was getting more and more irate and was threatening a lawsuit. It was at this point that he called me.

The problem of yellowed white marble is not uncommon. All over the United States there is white marble that has turned yellow, and even brown. Although flooding is a common cause there are several other reasons this color change will occur.

-Improper Maintenance

-Wax Build-up Or Coating

-Iron Staining

We will Investigate all of these in the next few articles.

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