Clean Grout in Birmingham, AL

December 9, 2017 Houston


Brilliant Services in Birmingham, AL offers a solution to your dark and sometimes black grout lines.  One of two things happen to your grout as it ages.  It will lose color or darken up form soil or worse, mildew.  Soap scum build-up in shower enclosures only exacerbates these problems.  If you have tried to scrub your grout lines clean and only succeeded in lightening them up some but they are inconsistent don’t stress out about it.  All that is VERY common.  Look at your sidewalk, if you poured some detergent on it and scrubbed it with a brush it would look better but not near as good as if you pressure washed it.  But even pressure washing will leave the stains that not even an acid wash will bring up.  Acid washing actually removes a layer of the concrete but some stains go deeper than what you can get to without damage.  “Great!” you say.  “So I’m Stuck!?”     Not at all. We can pressure clean your tile floors, without the messy over spray.

And if that doesn’t produce the results you want we have an ace up our sleeve.  We can Color Seal the grout lines back to their original color so you will have a brand new looking floor.  And the best part is that the grout lines will be as easy to clean as the tile!