Cleaned & Sealed

This client in Ballantrae had us come in shortly after they purchased their new home and seal the granite countertops.  They are a repeat client as well, we have done work on their marble floors and countertops in their previous home.


Polished and sealed

Dr. Ginsburg had us do several projects for him at his home and office.  A nicer man you will not meet.  Here we polished and sealed these gorgeous granite countertops.  They are so slick if you gently push a dry rag across, it will keep going right off the end.

Nordness (31)

Black Granite Insert Polishing

It is always a challenge to polish a floor that has a totally different kind of stone as an inlay.  Granite is so much harder than travertine so the weight of the machine has to be different, the diamond pads are different, and the length of time it takes to polish is different.  Nonetheless, it has to be done and we are quite accustomed to doing it.  Here is a picture of a border accent of black granite set against the travertine that is in the main field.  We had to grind an acrylic sealer off of the entire floor and then hone and polish it to an amazing gloss.


Granite Floor Restoration

We were tasked with bringing the shine back to this red granite floor.  It is in the lobby of the Viva Health tower in downtown Birmingham.  The building had been vacant for about 5 years and the guard post had  worn this floor down to no shine whatsoever.  Your sidewalk has more gloss than this floor did.  This is a full mechanical polish using NO CHEMICALS.