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Dark Imperidor Marble Restoration

We did a lot of work for this client referred to us by Bob Whitley Paint & Decorating.  This is a picture of the master bedroom countertops after restoration.  They were almost totally matte when we started.  All the tops including the tub surround.  We also did the marble floor in this bathroom as well as the marble entry floor. and two other bathroom countertops and floors we don't have pictures of.


Marble Countertop Restoration

This client purchased  lakehouse on Logna Martin Lake to renovate and the marble countertops in the master bathroom were significantly deteriorated.  We had to "butter" the whole countertop with color matched epoxy and the hone and polish it.


Marble Polishing by Brilliant Services

Alabama White Marble Polishing

This client had Alabama white marble with some of the somewhat rare pink hues in some tiles.  We removed the lippage from tiles being higher than others.  We ground the whole floor flat to be the same level.  We then honed and polished the floor to this amazingly clear reflection.

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Thassos White & Imperial Black Marble

This floor was from the early 1900's in a house on the crest in Birmingham, Alabama.  It is a thassos white & imperial black marble laid in a checkerboard pattern.  We have done several houses in that area with this same pattern.  We no longer even give the option of not removing lippage and as a result we produce floors that look wet, our clients love the results.  Quite literally the floors look better than new because when it was new and shiny it still had uneven, but shiny, tiles.