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"I have tried everything but my grout still looks dirty."

You have used dish soap, vinegar, baking soda and vinegar, ammonia with a face mask on, coughed through bleach, scrubbed on your hands and knees all of those options, plus more, and your grout still looks dingy!

"Do I need to re-grout?"

No, just go open your windows and let those fumes out. We can literally pressure wash your floor inside! How cool is that? Our equipment instantly vacuums up the water that is being sprayed down. We apply some detergent, allow that to dwell so it can do its job and then pressure clean your floor.

Grout is just like your concrete walkway. If you tried cleaning it with some solution and then scrub it with a brush it would improve some but not like when you pressure wash it.

Now we need to be realistic, just like your walkway, your grout will probably have some areas that are permanently stained. But that is no problem because we can color seal the grout lines back to their original color, or any color for that matter.

"What about sealing it?"

Our color sealer comes in all the colors of the major grout manufacturers.  The major point you nned to understand about our color seal is that it cures chemically like concrete rather than dehydrate like paint.

Brilliant Services’ color seal is water-based and engineered as an HSS (Horizontal Surface Sealer) that contains specific hardeners and resins that when cured do not allow the penetration of water or cleaning fluids that dwells on that surface during cleaning and spills.


Other grout coatings are water-based and are modified exterior house paint for stucco (concrete) exteriors. These coatings are made specifically for VSC (Vertical Surfaces Coatings) and leave softer more penetrable finishes. Soft coatings absorb moisture when wet and house paint is designed for a vertical surface that allows moisture to run off quickly NOT a horizontal surface where liquid and emulsifying cleaners will dwell on and absorb into the soft house paint that causes a slight erosion during each cleaning.  Also, a soft flexible coating on a horizontal surface (grout) will absorb dirt.

"What about mildew grwoth in my shower?"

Brilliant Services’ color seal contains an anti microbial ingredient that inhibits the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, or mildew. When cured; any liquid that contacts Brilliant Services’ color seal will activate the embedded anti microbial ingredient.


Our color seal provides a long lasting aesthetically pleasing and sanitary finish on any grout to which it is applied.